With the new energy prices, we all are more careful about consumption

For bars and restaurants, the costs of electric energy and of gas are the economic problem of this moment. We all are astonished for the costs and we all pay attention to reduce the consumptions. But it is not easy, of course we have to avoid wasting energy and it is necessary to distinguish between what can be avoided or which can be done without and what instead makes money.

We have to make a small income statement, see costs and benefits.

Do we want to give an example? How much does the use of the Eurochef KL4 – 3 kW fryer make you spend and how much does it earn? Let’s imagine making even only 20 servings a day of French fries, but wanting to keep the fryer ON for 10 hours, to always have it ready to prepare the portions at the time of the request.

To bring the oil to the working temperature it takes 0.65 kWh, then 5.4 kWh are consumed to stay ON all day and another 1.34 kWh is consumed to make the 20 portions of normal frozen fries. In all, let us say 7.4 kWh per day. If by hypothesis we pay them 0.7 € per kWh, they are a total of about 130 € per month.

Is it convenient?

Of course it depends on the benefit. Let’s assume that the 20 portions are sold for just 2.5 € each (very low price), they make 1,250 € per month. Not bad, right? But there are other costs … The product that is fried, the oil, the disposable tray. Including electricity in all, there can be 315 € of expense against 1,250 € of collection, just making 20 portions a day of fries. With the possibility of expanding the menu by preparing many other appetizers to attract customers, who then, moreover, will not leave without ordering a drink!

Eurochef fryers consume so low electricity due to their construction and operating characteristics: they are closed fryers, with minimal heat dispersion and their accurate thermoregulation keeps the oil temperature stable, which among other things favors the oil life, the cooking speed and the product quality, because it absorbs little oil.

High quality fried food even without the extractor hood!