Discover our best models of automatic ventless fryers, perfect for your Bar, Kiosk, Takeaway Pizzeria and all the other environments that do not have a kitchen. Get ready to impress your customers with endless varieties of delicious and easy-to-prepare snacks, ready in a few minutes.

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Thanks to the built-in extraction hood, Eurochef automatic fryers are perfect for all those places that do not have an equipped kitchen or a flue.

Why a ventless fryer?

  • There is no need to build venting systems, with all the related costs in terms of safety and bureaucracy. With Eurochef the hood is built-in and you just need to connect the machine to an electrical socket, even single-phase.
  • Ease of use: insert the products you want into the basket, select the cooking time and the automatic fryer takes care of everything else.
  • Saving time and money: thanks to the simplicity of use of the machines, a person in charge of frying or the use of specialized personnel is not necessary.
  • Size and usability: all our models are extremely compact, easy to clean and only need the oil change when signaled by the machine.
  • The profits: French fries and appetizers are increasingly in demand and guarantee margins much higher than the average of other food proposals.
  • Versatility: ventless fryers can cook a surprising variety of foods in addition to French fries: from cutlets to chicken nuggets, battered vegetables, fish, sweets.
  • Quality: the automatic system for cooking parameters, such as time and temperatures, guarantees always an optimal result.


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