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The automatic ventless Pom’Chef KV3 fryer is the latest model designed and produced by Eurochef.

Like its predecessor, this professional fryer is equipped with an advanced purification system that transforms fumes and vapors into water and collects them in a convenient external container; but it incorporates important innovations in terms of productivity and simplicity.

  • The enlarged unloading

The Pom’ Chef KV3 stands out for its high productivity, thanks to the enlarged unloading that allows the preparation of more voluminous products, such as cutlets and arancini.

  • Quick preparation of even more structured dishes

The wider unloading not only increases productivity, but it is also fundamental for the preparation of dishes such as the “children’s dish” with cutlet and French fries. In just 3 minutes of total frying time, you can quickly serve a delicious dish without the need for specialized staff.

  • An innovative and intuitive built-in touch screen

The touch screen incorporated in the Pom’ Chef KV3 makes the use of the fryer extremely simple and intuitive, thanks to 6 modifiable frying programs.

Its advanced technology communicates a precise monitoring of the operating hours and the number of prepared portions, useful to analyze also the profitability of this new professional ventless fryer.

With a capacity of 9 liters of oil, the Pom Chef KV3 can prepare 600 g of French fries or 1 kg of other products, such as onion rings, cutlets, chicken nuggets… without the fear of mixing aromas and flavours!

Its compactness and high productivity make it the ideal solution for rooms without kitchen or without chimney, like many bars, food trucks and prove to be a valuable ally for events, even outdoors.


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With the automatic fryer Pom’Chef, you are able in a few minutes to prepare excellent fried food without the need for a kitchen or a cook.

Using a professional automatic fryer Pom’Chef is very simple, even in places without kitchen or specialized personnel: just insert the product in the loading hatch and select the cooking time. The fryer automatically dips the baskets into the oil and, once ready, drains it and releases it into the tray, perfectly cooked.

Technical Data

Features Pom’Chef KV3
Product charging quantity 600 gr up to 10 kg/h (French fries) or
1 kg up to 17 kg/h (other products)
Oil capacity 9 liters 9 liters
Power supply  * 220/240 V – 50/60 Hz
Heating power  * 3,6 kW
Total power  * 4,1 kW
Dimensions width 63cm, depth 64cm, height 60cm
Weight 61 kg

*Other supply voltages and other powers ranges are available on request