PASTACHEF is the professional automatic pasta cooker ideal for cooking any type of pasta, from frozen to fresh, up to dry. It is designed for all those premises that do not have an equipped kitchen or specialized personnel.

The PASTACHEF professional pasta cooker is compact and takes up little space, but it is able to satisfy any production requirement.

  • It needs no flue: it is instead equipped with a system that condenses the steam, transforming it into water and this allows its use even by those who do not have an extractor hood or flue.
  • It’s easy: all you have to do is to pour the product into the baskets and when the pasta is cooked, it will be discharged directly onto the plate, ready to be seasoned thanks to the very practical built-in sauce heater.
  • The PastaChef ventless pasta cooking machine has two independent baskets that can hold up to 500 grams each, to prepare a large number of portions in a short time.
  • The PastaChef ventless pasta cooker does not require a connection to the water mains: a reservoir connected to the cooking tank allows you to always have the correct water level. However, it is already prepared for a possible connection to the water mains.
  • Maximum cleanliness and hygiene: cooking is protected by a polycarbonate front door for maximum safety. All components in contact with food are removable and dishwasher safe.

With the PASTACHEF you can make an amazing variety of pasta dishes, all freshly cooked, and with the handy sauce heater you can offer a vast assortment of different toppings, so your customers will never get bored.


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The baskets are raised and lowered every 20 seconds to prevent the pasta from sticking, and the cooking time is programmed on the electronic keypad, with 4 different programs for each basket.

The user just checks the time needed for the pasta to be cooked and presses a button …. Foolproof! Especially since businesses serving fast food generally use frozen precooked pasta, and the cooking time is virtually always the same: just 1 minute!

The PASTACHEF is available in three versions:

The PL2 model, featuring a handy sauce heater with two or three bowls.
The PL3 model, without sauce heater.
The PL4 model, without sauce heater and with water drain valve.


Because millions of people have lunch outside the home every day and are in search of inexpensive food of good quality, and pasta consumption is on the increase.

Pasta is a healthy product, which when properly cooked “al dente” with a good sauce is one of the star items in the Italian culinary tradition… and with the PASTACHEF, pasta is cooked the traditional way and will not disappoint customers who choose to lunch on pasta at their favourite bar.

Pasta prepared using the PASTACHEF is not heated in a microwave and is just as good as in a restaurant, with the advantage that an automatic appliance simplifies operations for you and you can place it anywhere you wish, because no extractor hood is required.

Technical data

Specifications PastaChef PL2
Pasta charging quantity max 3 portions each basket
Water capacity 10 liters
Power supply* 220/240 V – 50/60 Hz
Heating power* 2,5 kW
Total power* 2,85 kW
Dimensions width 67cm, depth 47cm, height 56cm
Weight 33 kg

*Other supply voltages and power ranges are available on request