The PIZZACHEF is a compact professional pizza oven, ideal for bars, pubs, pizzerias, fast food outlets, kiosks, beach clubs, etc.

It cooks any type of fresh or frozen pizza to perfection, and not only pizza!

PizzaChef FP1 is an oven without extractor hood. Its built-in fume extraction system allows it to be used in any room, even without an extraction hood. Extremely small in size and automatic, our countertop pizza oven is also suitable for small-sized premises and it does not require the assistance of any operator during use.

PizzaChef cooks both fresh and frozen pizzas, pre-cooked bases and any type of leavened product, such as flat bread, pies and much more …

  • PizzaChef FP1 is equipped with two independent cooking chambers, so that even just one can be used. The total capacity is four pizzas or two 60×40 trays.
  • The door of each cooking chamber has three low-emissivity glasses (low-e) which allow for minimal heat dispersion, guaranteeing energy savings and greater safety for the operator, because they do not burn externally.
  • The oven reaches a real temperature of 400°C. The cooking chamber is heated both in the upper part and on the refractory stone base. The temperature remains uniform both at the top and bottom, thanks to the electronic partialization of the heating elements.
  • The electronic display positioned on the front of the Eurochef ventless pizza oven allows you to adjust the temperature and cooking time of the products placed in the individual chambers.

The uniqueness of the PizzaChef system is in the ability to automatically adjust the temperature of the base and upper part of the cooking chamber, without the knobs to manually adjust the various heating elements. This ensures perfect heat distribution inside the oven, to guarantee a pizza that is always perfect, crunchy on the bottom and well-cooked on top.


The PIZZACHEF can cook any type of pizza, but with a frozen precooked base finished with a fresh topping just before baking, the results are truly amazing.
You can serve a fantastic pizza in just 2 minutes!


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The oven reaches an effective temperature of up to 395° C, the interior is heated both at the top and in the firestone base and the temperature is kept stable both above and below by the graduated electronic control of the heating elements; as the top element warms up, the power of the bottom one is reduced.

This system ensures perfect heat distribution through the oven, for a perfect pizza, crispy underneath and well cooked on top.
These are automatic ovens that do not require operator assistance while cooking the product!

Technical data

Specifications PizzaChef FP1
Power supply 380/400 V – 50/60 Hz
Maximum power

 At switching on: 8,1 kW

During operation over 280°C: 6,5 kW

Consumption on stand-by at 300°C 1,48 kWh
External dimensions width 89cm, depth 65cm, height 68cm
Internal dimensions of each oven width 75cm, depth 42cm, height 10cm
Weight  99 kg